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Discover this superb deluxe edition of - some king of peac\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/x1zQz7wqOa","@FournierMathil2","tweet-1448383446091436039"],[830,"This Saturday, October 9th, in London, Join \u00d3lafur for the UK premiere of \"When We Are Born\" along with a Q&A and s\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/pPHeJ0JhnE","@MercuryKX","tweet-1445042048642523141"],[829,"Some kind Of Peace by Camilla Grebe & \u00c5sa Tr\u00e4ff @simonschuster With the night starting to draw in its time to retur\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/SoF0dJF9Sr","@monkeyluvstofig","tweet-1442045984830226442"],[826,"This is simply stunning and something I\u2019ve been eagerly awaiting - can\u2019t wait for this to arrive \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffb\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/07K1LRHzLM","@westheartmusic","tweet-1430894478017978380"],[825,"#NowPlaying @OlafurArnalds #somekindofpeace https:\/\/t.co\/0t3T2VJtGd","@diddymousedid","tweet-1421786866408431623"],[824,"\u00d3lafur Arnalds \u2022 Some Kind of Peace Mercury KX UK 06.11.20 Post classical, electronic, piano. #\u00f3lafurarnalds\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/f6zkHVGyWB","@klaus_cam","tweet-1420068808283336705"],[822,"\ud83d\ude31 Hoy inici\u00f3 la #PreventaCitibanamex para ver a @OlafurArnalds en @TMetropolitanMx. Compra tus \ud83d\udcba\ud83d\udcba aqu\u00ed y no te pi\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/Q14eHs9s3M","@Ticketmaster_Me","tweet-1415747999578292224"],[823,"\ud83c\uddee\ud83c\uddf8\ud83c\uddf2\ud83c\uddfd \u00a1Que comience la espera! \ud83d\ude03 @OlafurArnalds #somekindofpeace #teatrometropolitan https:\/\/t.co\/IoyClOayNz","@Sikilozano07","tweet-1415720816831082499"],[821,"@OlafurArnalds Im so excited!! Waiting the date\ud83d\ude03\ud83d\ude03\ud83c\uddee\ud83c\uddf8\ud83c\uddf2\ud83c\uddfd #somekindofpeace #teatrometropolitan https:\/\/t.co\/p6DT9maaVF","@Sikilozano07","tweet-1416072720211656705"],[792,"@Genius #somekindofpeace #olafurarnalds https:\/\/t.co\/XX2fExVnnr","@westheartmusic","tweet-1382351450681049095"],[788,"Sound of the day #\u00f3lafurarnalds #somekindofpeace https:\/\/t.co\/Wf8saXjiwy","@MissDelf","tweet-1379106298445320193"],[787,"Olafur and the incredible musicians that helped make this possible: thank you so much for this incredible piece of art, you dont know how much this album has supported me through some difficult life stuff Im dealing with right now. Sending Love","bautista querejeta","JH7CQQCJ78F6R5D"],[786,"Dimness sustains Oh the regret I could be lost to you Lost in thought Sending a kiss Back to the sky\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/sfxkqRTFo3","@Steve_velo","tweet-1372117037074558981"],[785,"Thank you, \u00d3lafur. Greetings from Wageningen, the Netherlands","Maria","IRFPQOFY4CLGEAM"],[784,"Happiness is only real when shared","Christopher McCandless","PNF0QOFE30IOPTY"],[783,"Hi there","Adam","GLQZQNZS6YL9VJM"],[782,"test","test","WFPMQNWPVVB2OHC"],[781,"midnight nothing on the TV time for some @OlafurArnalds I think :) #somekindofpeace","@Tony_Ginger","tweet-1349870185583407107"],[780,"Your music is amazing.","Nicola","XDQ2QKTJPXCODFZ"],[779,"A mes grands parents... Vous me manquez . Amour, Paix ... Ced","Ced","ICLRQJK75V0QGT9"],[778,"We are all in the gutters but some of us are looking at the stars","Chin","DN5OQJHE2R8IF9X"],[777,"Keep calm and hygge on.","Heidi","D4JQQJDWH6LTB5U"],[776,"The livestream is well over but still, great job Oli:)","Claudio","XAJIQJDVS1QNEBN"],[775,"Peace for Artsakh!","Hagop","MKMXQJDOQZCXOQW"],[774,"This album is stripped from anything superfluous. It does not try to pull too many strings, but just pulls the right ones. It manages to resonate with all listeners' individual worlds and that's what's magical. Thank you Oli.","Alexandra Golovko","FEACQJDJWYXB2QB"],[773,"It was wonderful and magic. Unfortunately, it was too late and I fell asleep :) Some kind of reproduction of all those colours and sounds could be released? Would be well appreciated. It would help living!","Sirje","GEA9QJD9WUMWCUY"],[772,"Thank you, \u00d3lafur, for bringing a little peace to my soul. Wishing everyone out there the same.","Jen","FT74QJD76IE9L7N"],[771,"looking for some kind of peace today. <3 love and peace to you all","c & m","6FRYQJD1KKRNS0X"],[770,"The link didnt world for me \ud83d\ude2a","Malika","LOAKQJCZSTSCEH5"],[769,"Thank you for listening with me. Kindness above all.","Sarah","1ZM4QJCZE5PY7RL"],[768,"That was glorious, thank you!","Kevin","JPQHQJCZAXBEAIH"],[767,"Peace and blessings to ki and kin","Lindsay","L6VFQJCZA1NOUU2"],[766,"amazing album!!!","phil - los angeles","AWAUQJCZ9MHZJWH"],[765,"bliss, thank you!","eric in seattle","OLANQJCYP8DXCU0"],[764,"Thank you so much \u00d3li","Marty","8HW6QJCYP1C8KP9"],[763,"This is my favourite Olafur ablum now!","Athena","IGE2QJCY3BWMA2M"],[762,"Oli, this is what I needed now. All of it. Thank you for your Art. \n\u2764\ufe0f\ud83d\ude42","Marty","TM10QJCXWXKF6BN"],[761,"Thank you for this experience. Happy to share it with others.","Carolyn","MHIOQJCXL2ELPZ1"],[760,"Thank you for sharing this beautiful work with us. from Vancouver Canada","Steven","V45MQJCXHPZBIHA"],[759,"I cannot make it work..","anders","WFNRQJCX7KN4F3C"],[758,"To Pooja, I love you to the moon and back. And when in doubt or dark times remember to listen to Olafur.","Adam G","OHLLQJCX6PKRA2R"],[757,"No words can describe some kind of peace.\nWith love from California, TLX","Tou Long Xiong","CAAPQJCWY8B88CP"],[756,"Thank you for your gift to the world. Thank you for this bliss. Reminding us of our togetherness. Oneness. Wholeness.","Juan","XZV7QJCWV0VMMRY"],[755,"gratitude for this, thank you","mari","BKHTQJCWU988R1A"],[754,"Hi from Portland, Oregon","Dan","JUXYQJCWSJE7LN6"],[753,"hope for the world I am leaving to my kiddos","Glo","SXO0QJCWQ5SXRQB"],[752,"We are the light that pierces through the darkness","Conduit X","LPYJQJCWMLYVOFK"],[751,"Be kind to yourself","Phylicia Chartier","XUBNQJCWM6LYFJI"],[750,"beauty","@mikestjean","75EJQJCWLUPNCNN"],[749,"Breathtakingly lucid experience, thank you for the escape : )","Heather","8WFBQJCWLSW46TQ"],[748,"Thank you so much for this beautiful online party! Love it.","Jocelyn Chang","CIEIQJCWLO1UTOW"],[747,"i don't hear anything","jenny","EUFAQJCWLEAOYIJ"],[746,"I love your music and it's only been a couple of minutes!","Lee","UBU8QJCWJCYBCCV"],[745,"Love","Jacki","Q14QQJCWJ5BQF4V"],[744,"Thank you for the beautiful music - so vital to my mental well being through all the hard times in life. Much love to you \u00d3li!","Nance Adler","FCSUQJCWHDGBNU7"],[743,"Love sounds. \ud83d\udc99","Juan","OCTYQJCWGOUURIK"],[742,"Even in this dark times, I'm grateful to be alive. Please be safe. Love the people around you and enjoy the magic of music.","Ana Coronilla","SVQ7QJCWGMEWCIC"],[741,"a beautiful way to share a new album","Matthew","O3FAQJCWD9IZ4VM"],[740,"Love this!","Jonah","H0UTQJCW0VGYMQQ"],[739,"Hello","Justin","UNBWQJCVCEFVAPI"],[738,"Transcendant.","Sandrine","ER3ZQJCUCLCCFUH"],[737,"@kewlysays - poetry & feels.","Trin","SRZQQJCTZ9I56LK"],[736,"This is the cool off from re:member. Ruminative, like a cup of hot tea cupped in our hands, a shawl over our body, amongst the stars and the mountains, as the sun sets.","Panncham Kamdar","5WZGQJCTYWECM3G"],[735,"You are so special! Don\u2019t forget that! <3","Helena","TXSUQJCTYOPJVRB"],[734,"Transcendent","Big Man","SNO1QJCTS0XZA3X"],[733,"I'm at a loss for words...this speaks to me....letting this wash over me made me forget my worries for a while.....Thank you for sharing this","Pineapple Dave","LW85QJCTLIOMYVB"],[732,"\u00d3lafur's music reminds me of someone I love that I lost this year. Hearing his music brings back bittersweet memories of traveling to Iceland together almost a year ago. Some Kind of Peace is helping me heal \u2013 thank you, Oli.","L","ZPYMQJCT8B2RQZV"],[731,"You are loved.","-wakingsage","EZHZQJCT6GAVHVG"],[730,"Olaf\u00far. What a piece of art... Undone blew me away. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world in such an uncertain time.","Skyler","JHH5QJCT4US4MO7"],[729,"Even in dark times, there's something that can put a smile upon our face. Thanks Oli!","Miguel","18MJQJCT4C8VG38"],[728,"<3","Jp","25HGQJCT1DSJW6K"],[727,"@kewlysays for some amazing poetry and feels.","Trin","IESOQJCSVVAAL4N"],[726,"Thank you thank you thank you! \nFor bringing people together through your music. For this ray of light, of HOPE in an otherwise chaotic and uncertain world. Thank you, for providing some kind of peace. \nSending lots of love to you and anyone listening from Quer\u00e9taro, M\u00e9xico.","Juan Pablo","T505QJCSQXM7O3Y"],[725,"This is such a beautiful album! Thank you for this listening party!","Michael","QBUSQJCSF7DZIWD"],[724,"Such a soothing treat. Much love.","Sarah","SMBHQJCSBSZO7TU"],[723,"Listening to this while sitting under the stars in my backyard: magical","Am\u00e9lie","P6UZQJCSAEEOPIG"],[722,"Thank you \u00d3lafur for this wonderful listening moment - every second truly brought peace to our hearts and minds. With love from Montr\u00e9al, \n\nB\u00e9atrice\n\n#somekindofpeace","B\u00e9atrice Viens C\u00f4t\u00e9","LUKXQJCRXBGIQHJ"],[721,"keep safe","jen","A5R0QJCRMTFKB1W"],[720,"You are never alone. Music will always keep you company. \ud83d\udcab","Viry A.","VXWDQJCRMOOY8BC"],[719,"Although I miss the party, I will keep some kind of peace in the foreseeable future.","Momo","WG5LQJCRM2P54DK"],[718,"Thank you \u00d3lafur for this wonderful gift","Luc\u00eda C","NS4MQJCRIIB4LEP"],[717,"I've heard a lot of music that has moved me, taught me things. No music has taught me to be still, to speak softly, to listen, like yours has. Thank you my friend. The album is beautiful.","Justin","8STNQJCRHD0CGCA"],[716,"I don't listen nothing","Martin","LE9NQJCRDMMUOYT"],[715,"Heart open to listen","Diana","CJ8EQJCRCSYOMYU"],[714,"I'm still sharing dinner. \n 0952\nThanks for your music!\nFrom Canada!","Marlene","7DGDQJCRAGDDWPF"],[713,"Thank you.","L","09HHQJCQY0HDWTU"],[712,"Remember Remember The 5th Of November","V","XWMWQJCQTLKXLN8"],[711,"\u00f3lafur thanks for this, Is so beatiful","Martin","6IYEQJCQRMAAMHF"],[710,"De entre la inmensa oscuridad, se recitan las palabras de una vida entera. Te amo Maldi.","Tessy","HN3LQJCQPQUQXXN"],[709,"Si el mundo entero escuchara esto, habr\u00eda paz mundial. \ud83d\udda4","Regina","ABFOQJCQIBF48MR"],[708,"Alex","Love","U9IRQJCQEV3RIGN"],[706,"Out on the cold dark night,\nLimbs stretched on the silent ground,\nI listen and cry with tears of deepest grief and joy.\nHow wonderful that we get to be broken together,\nHow wonderful that together we heal.\nMay God bless all beyond measure,\nMay truth and love illuminate the way.\nAmen.","Thomas Fraser","ADAMQJCQ5BQ9X2S"],[707,"Wish you were here, Erin.","Yoga","YFSKQJCQ5BQ9G2P"],[705,"Blissful! Sending love and gratitude from Miami x","Kala & David","QE6FQJCPUAJ90VY"],[704,"bella, i \u2764\ufe0fyou","noel","ZLFWQJCPSTVRYSS"],[703,"If God couldn\u2019t forget about us, we all would have been condemned.","Lorenzo Massagrande","KEHUQJCPN9MCUUE"],[702,"Love from Canada <3","Aviel","YLPBQJCPM4AYKQW"],[701,"Loving it","Amen","RZDFQJCPJ95LXTA"],[700,"I will always love you!","Arthur","6MQGQJCP7EPQEBZ"],[699,"Absolutely Amazing, Oli.","Spencer R","VVLTQJCP6DG3LYS"],[698,"This is kinda Pog","A Gamer","DGVDQJCP05BJ4K0"],[697,"Stay comfy :3","Luke","4SQFQJCOXN55GKO"],[696,"I love all of your work. Cheers from NY!","Suzune","6THEQJCOXKJZV2X"],[695,"Simply sublime <3","Anya","NYPZQJCOW40REJI"],[694,"\ud83d\udc8fLolita","Drek","LAQLQJCOS2AGU75"],[693,"We wish you all a happy life :)","M & F","QS3YQJCOJTC7XOD"],[692,"Vamos!","Carlos","MDUWQJCOHR5PIQJ"],[691,"So grateful for this glorious opportunity to just be immersed in Olafur's music. Thank you,","Amy M","K1PLQJCOGSKUZWB"],[690,"Thanks for the Musick..... \nLat 0\u00b0...UTC-5 present..... THANKS....","Christian","SF28QJCOD2Z5HZT"],[689,"\"Watching something that I wrote come to life by other people than myself, [...] they bring their ideas, and their experiences, and their emotions to it, and it blossoms into something way more than I ever imagined it becoming.\"\n\nIt's a peace I've experienced on a small scale and hope to find again someday.\n\nUntil then, thanks, \u00d3lafur. \ud83d\udc9b","quietly-turning","RELTQJCOCTXJ2LM"],[688,"oh wow Merci from Montreal","brian","DCEJQJCOAV5FVEO"],[687,"Thank you!","F\u00e9lix","N98QQJCO9CBGKD4"],[686,"greetings from Baltimore. so excited to join.","jennd","R7OBQJCO8HXMG72"],[685,"\u2764 Sussan","Sep","LFZEQJCO6K3WLTN"],[684,"Keep your head up and your heart strong. Light will always overcome darkness.","Claudia","AA4EQJCO2F21QP2"],[683,"Viajamos sin rumbo.","Carlos","XBIWQJCO0MRRARQ"],[682,"Hello","Pamela","OFW1QJCNZ0DKNGE"],[681,"Thank you for all the beautiful music you make. Your new album is like sunlight streaming through a dark forest","May","SL7WQJCNLJGQARJ"],[680,"Thank you to make always the perfect armony between the beat and melody. \u2728\u263a\ufe0f","Ida","AC8XQJCNKQCN3VS"],[679,"I wish if i can get peace. That year was tough.","Ahmad","LXPYQJCNB4AWFRC"],[678,"where we go one, we go all.","anon","XEVHQJCMZ0GHEYC"],[677,"Star star stary star ~*","Jono Hon","WUDEQJCMISQDSZJ"],[676,"Really excited to hear this, I am so thankful to be alive while this sort of breathtaking music is created! Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with the world!","David Nichols","C2U8QJCLKUFRXZ9"],[675,"Oceans apart, but connected through the stars. To my greatest love, I love you. Forever and always. xx","Steph N V","EVAHQJCKYHAULBG"],[674,"You are a light in the dark. Thank you for your passion and music, it is inspiring.","Quentin","AIGZQJCJNUGB95I"],[673,"Lindo...","Jorge Rangel","BFBOQJCJI0B8SXW"],[672,"Love your work, \u00d3lafur! Cheers from Brazil.","Lucas","P6STQJCJ6PC0TAN"],[671,"With a full heart \ud83d\udc99","Bcassier","CQMOQJCIYZJNMCJ"],[670,"Thank you.","Stewart Macdonald","ZIPBQJCILKI0DSY"],[669,"I am proud to be so indepentend, but I once again realised tonight that people need people. And that's okay.","Pauline","MJKNQJCIFVTAA63"],[668,"We are one! Forever","Lasse","VQGCQJCI5TF76DW"],[667,"the space between","AlanGodoy","YQBXQJCHZPFKWT4"],[666,"no matter what lockdown or not. people will still like a connection, thanks Olafur for being that connection today.","camiped","SLGIQJCHEURJBEX"],[665,"Thank you \ud83d\ude4c\ud83c\udffb #somekindofpeace to you too.","MACC","W1HFQJCH8HUMB02"],[664,"Que les \u00e9toiles nous apportent douceur et s\u00e9r\u00e9nit\u00e9 dans un monde devenu fou","Karine","EJFRQJCGU4TAS9T"],[663,"words can't describe how quiet my head is, how I can rest by your music and how much self-love I can get through it. Through your music, I stop overthinking and just start being at myself. Thank you from my whole heart, love and hugs from Austria, tessi","tessilehner","HSKWQJCFYOWDIDJ"],[662,"\u201cI know we\u2019re still here, who knows for how long, ablaze with our care, its ongoing song.\u201d\n\n\u2015 Maggie Nelson","mary","TC66QJCFJ8DJHBD"],[661,"\ub2f9\uc2e0\uc740 \uc74c\uc545\uc744 \ub108\ubb34\ub108\ubb34 \uc544\ub984\ub2f5\ub2e4! \uac10\uc0ac\ud569\ub2c8\ub2e4!","\uc54c\ub809\uc2a4","GRL8QJCF8ZGMXCN"],[660,"Thank you so much for an amazing session. It made this evening some kind of special \u2764\ufe0f","Elena","ZIEWQJCF0CDXPXM"],[659,"Hi Olafur ,\nA beautiful record and really looking forward to receiving the vinyl. Have you thought about working with Julianna Barwick or Jonsi ? ..cheers Alan","Alan Legge","AWNXQJCEQUGYAKG"],[658,"Love","Alex","JPIKQJCEGAOZ8XU"],[657,"I want to create a small universe with sb I love.","Mengqing","SKN3QJCDRX9YKBQ"],[656,"No estas sola, sabemos c\u00f3mo te sientes, pero tienes que saber que eres m\u00e1s fuerte de los que crees.","Jessica","MZ3AQJCDQZR6PVX"],[650,"adoring the #somekindofpeace listening session https:\/\/t.co\/huNsgoUuNj via @OlafurArnalds","@fizzyallie","tweet-1324451249367011328"],[651,"what a magical event, I am out of words about how beautiful this is... thank you \u00d3lafur, from the bottom of my hear\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/Cf7pVm5hS2","@WavesInThesky","tweet-1324450293984202752"],[652,"Just wonderful... \ud83d\udda4 #OlafurArnalds #someKindOfPeace @OlafurArnalds https:\/\/t.co\/EfstROuIYb","@TheSleeperMetal","tweet-1324450087725129730"],[653,"pre saved @OlafurArnalds new album on @Spotify. Can\u2019t wait to give it a listen. #SomeKindOfPeace https:\/\/t.co\/8pQfH6j8g6","@Steve_velo","tweet-1324448626517643264"],[654,"I joined into the #someKindOfPeace listening evening while doing what I do best in November - writing. Perfect way\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/l63h0j8ZgU","@katherynmae","tweet-1324448620276580353"],[655,"#somekindofpeace listening session https:\/\/t.co\/Xr7RhK6NxC via @OlafurArnalds","@daveisaframe","tweet-1324448055249297415"],[644,"#somekindofpeace @OlafurArnalds https:\/\/t.co\/DVIu4tNkdD","@Why_You_Sleep","tweet-1324458745720676352"],[645,"On a very relaxing listening party hosted by @OlafurArnalds #someKindOfPeace https:\/\/t.co\/ZCCShSmh6r","@JakubSzybiak","tweet-1324456136175685632"],[646,"#somekindofpeace If you are not already on it ;) https:\/\/t.co\/cb1sXzg0jp","@Tony_Ginger","tweet-1324454028646993927"],[647,"Very restful and beautiful music... #somekindofpeace listening session https:\/\/t.co\/iw2u4fPImK via @OlafurArnalds","@andrewhiggins1","tweet-1324452915327762442"],[648,"#somekindofpeace listening session https:\/\/t.co\/3VY5tlASD2 via @OlafurArnalds lying in the dark listening -- so re\u2026 https:\/\/t.co\/iAoCpw8xRd","@LynnHall6","tweet-1324452812063940610"],[649,"#somekindofpeace listening session https:\/\/t.co\/O6tXqnqrPJ via @OlafurArnalds Blissful.","@Fifeauctions","tweet-1324452233229045765"],[643,"#somekindofpeace @OlafurArnalds #improvisation https:\/\/t.co\/mXXl0uCgTL","@Why_You_Sleep","tweet-1324459038357229569"],[642,"Lots of love from Prishtina, Kosovo.","Jeta","ROCCQJCDFLNQAMV"],[641,"\"If I learned anything in the last few years, it has been - If you are afraid of something, walk towards it!\"","Thank you, \u00d3li!","GOM0QJCDB6MBDBH"],[640,"Hello i'm a new here and i want to improve my english and to meet New friends","Wissam","KJLWQJCDB0JM44I"],[639,"Hi dear Oli,\nI want to thank you very much for what you do, for your wonderful music. Your music contains all the depth of life and Being. \nYour songs have accompanied me for many years and are very important for my life, my soul, thanks to your music I get to the very centre of my soul, to the Essence. \nI love your live performances. I'm from the Czech Republic and I've been lucky enough to see some of your gigs and also Kiasmos - I love Kiasmos too :) In Prague, in Vienna, in Ostrava - Colours of Ostrava. All the performances were amazing but I still remember when you played Beth\u00b4s Theme in Prague. This is an unearthly beautiful composition for me, and in Prague, I almost smashed into a thousand pieces how it was strong. The whole concert was so wonderful (although you were disturbed by the sound of air conditioning) :) I moved somewhere else, to a different frequency of perception, such depth is your music.\nI also was to go to Berlin, where you were supposed to have a gig on October 2nd. But nevermind. We just have to wait for the coronavirus to go away. I'm looking forward to your new album - tomorrow, yahoo!! Thank you for another of your beautiful music. \nHave a great time and take care!\nVla\u010fka","Vla\u010fka","6RI5QJCDASX8N7F"],[638,"What we all need today. Remember your moment when you were first on stage at Royal Albert Hall... what a moment \ud83d\udc96","Tracey","8YGIQJCDAKJHUZI"],[637,"May we find peace again. Hugs Estee and CriCri","Maggie","YLMGQJCD2DDRLQN"],[636,"So much love here* May it stays in all your hearts*","In\u00eas","XH5XQJCD28WLO6W"],[635,"Loved it! Touching and beautiful, greetings from Croatia","Masimo","PF9NQJCCZV7LZFU"],[634,"This is a beautiful body of work and I look forward to absorbing it further in the years to come. All the best, Ben","Ben Truckell","IQG2QJCCW9XKVDB"],[633,"Sound healing. Healing through vibrations of vulnerability and strength.","Jod\u00e9","ZP2QQJCCTFSDIJU"],[632,"Look at the Moon. It's beautiful tonight!","Sabina","VF1OQJCCQSM7X9P"],[631,"We are all here together listening to this beautiful music because we all care about global unity. And isn't that magical. I love you all","Becky","EOMGQJCCM579LDL"],[630,"Music like existence is magical \u2600\ufe0f \u2728\u2600\ufe0f","SINGS","C7F8QJCCFBSKLOH"],[629,"Beautiful <3","Nadia","U2MCQJCC87CYYPB"],[628,"A true masterpiece from the bottom of the heart. So peaceful, gentle and full of love. Energy of higher vibrations, unity and hope. Something the world needs most nowadays. Thank you for your tenderness and open heart. The waves of peace spread all over the world.","Ewa","P96FQJCC6JLPJPY"],[627,"Thank you, Olafur, for this \u2764\ufe0f","Siv","0MJYQJCC6FRPGSO"],[626,"What a beautiful sound X","Steve P","N6BDQJCC34UHSIL"],[625,"This makes me so happy - thank you \ud83d\udc99","Kenny MacLennan","XDFGQJCBVOXH6WB"],[624,"This was mesmerizing \u2026\nlying with eyes closed\u2026the music caressing me \u2026taking me away \u2026 soothes my soul\u2026brings peace to my restless mind. \u2665\ufe0f","JeanneSousan","G4JAQJCBUD1DBCM"],[623,"when sound touches your soul, you know everyone is going to be alright","grainbow","FQPOQJCBSUCJX8P"],[622,"Nothing to listen to?","Andrew","IQCPQJCBQVA8B7A"],[621,"El amor lo inundar\u00e1 todo y lo llenar\u00e1 todo con su luz, el amor es a lo \u00fanico a lo que verdaderamente pertenecemos. No puede ya haber m\u00e1s oscuridad.","Vanessa","GDNAQJCBQUW9QK2"],[620,"Thank You Oli!!!! <3","Michal Brez","PGL3QJCBMCG4NNE"],[619,"this is so so beautiful <3 thank you <3","nellie","BINPQJCBL9YTB6G"],[618,"New music sounds great!!!! Thank you. Your music helps me to work as a physician in London in these difficult times. Any chance of any concert videos from the Remember tour? Saw you in Harpa on that tour - outstanding and I'm sure that i saw video cameras.","Ian Hopkinson","8TIZQJCBL3UPURE"],[617,"I am so happy to listen to this album! One of the reasons that made me want to move to Iceland was your music that transports me here every time i am listening to it... thank you, really.","emma","G37KQJCBL0Z65ZR"],[616,"I feel loved by the world and connected through your music. It's a feeling words can't describe. That's where music steps in. Thank you \u2764\ufe0f","Maggie","4SXPQJCBJC92YE0"],[615,"The clear sky has leaned against the wall.\nIt's like a prayer to the emptiness.\nAnd the emptiness turns its face to us\nand whispers,\n\"I am not empty, I am open.\"\n-Tomas Transtr\u00f6mer, 1989, \"For the living and the dead\"\n\nStay strong, we are together in this.\nLove from Greece","\u03c6\u03c9\u03c4\u03b5\u03b9\u03bd\u03ae","GPVRQJCBHMCKIQF"],[614,"Beautiful","Ash","JAWRQJCBHERNI2Z"],[613,"Can we stay here in this liminal space? Rest now, human. No need to race.","John Healy","XGLZQJCBFYS6SBC"],[612,"Hi stars,\nWe are all made of dust coming from you. So thank you for the million of tiny particles you put out to build this cosmical dance.\nMuch love, \nMireia","Mireia","0BVZQJCBFVPX6JF"],[611,"<3 <3 <3","Judita","RPGAQJCBBG4UUW7"],[610,"<3 <3","Judita","HEPBQJCBAI19DUE"],[609,"Its not working in Portugal. \ud83d\ude22","Lidia","E76FQJCB90Q2LUW"],[608,"Te quiero Alfredo","Vanessa","QQGGQJCB8XBLQE3"],[607,"Love it, driving away the cv blues","davida","LXX5QJCB82WOXOL"],[606,"\u2b50\ufe0f\u2b50\ufe0f\u2b50\ufe0f\u2b50\ufe0f\u2b50\ufe0f","Ana","ZIZLQJCB5XOP6BG"],[605,"Yearning for my mother's home and her piano. x","p","AJM3QJCB3WNKKYO"],[604,"this is so so beautiful, thank you! <3","nellie","V26KQJCB1FVH3LJ"],[603,"songs to defeat our biggest fears and face new ones \n\nthank you \u00d3lafur \n\ud83c\udf2c\ud83c\udf0a","Juan","S13PQJCB0NWERDA"],[602,"Your music is pure \"saudade\" - nostalgia for something that never actually happened...","Giuditta","HCL9QJCB02HSVZB"],[601,"Music truly does transcend everything","Connor FitzGibbon","YCXHQJCAZ5FQIAK"],[600,"Another stunningly beautiful bit of music, love reading all the messages of hope and inspiration. What a lovely thing to share with the world in these days when so much is at stake. Love, from Belfast","DB","8UYVQJCAYSFIGP2"],[599,"Beautiful as always \u00d3lafur - you\u2019re music is so full of emotion, really touches the soul \u2764\ufe0f Can\u2019t wait to see you live again once this nightmare is over","Nicci","ZYMGQJCAXWWE3OV"],[598,"you have brought some kind of peace upon me","A","CEQXQJCAXJVABCB"],[597,"Un oc\u00e9ano de paz en estos dif\u00edciles tiempos. Gracias \u00d3lafur por este momento.","Diego Jim\u00e9nez","XMYWQJCAXAFQEVN"],[596,"This is beautiful \nI send my love to all of you listening","Harpa","ERIZQJCAX4NGZID"],[594,"wish you all peace\n\nhttps:\/\/soundcloud.com\/vision-one\/reflexion","Herve","XKTQQJCAW7JUTZN"],[593,"Life is defined by how much you love, how much you lived and how graceful you let things go that were not meant to you.","Sven","CADRQJCAVWSRVQI"],[592,"What a treat. Appreciation from Edinburgh. PS hey danielle","Mal","PT46QJCATUZT3AZ"],[591,"hi there i am in ireland - not getting anything on the website here","jacinta cullen","IFZSQJCASF40YMF"],[590,"Saw you live last time you were in Toronto. Before the world went crazy with COVID. Be safe, Olafur!","Eric from Toronto","P8ROQJCASCOWSOE"],[589,"Nice music right before dinner!\n Cheers from Lisbon \ud83d\ude42","Margarida S.","1QIRQJCASBXBDQQ"],[588,"From Seville to #somekindofpeace \ud83c\udf88\ud83d\ude0d. Thank u Oli \ud83d\udc95","MACC","YXELQJCAPTGUZCG"],[587,"What a beautiful start","Damian Mapplebeck","D4RVQJCAPGQY3GX"],[586,"I LOVE U","TAHA","ORBIQJCANQPFG4Z"],[585,"\u201c& remember, \/ loneliness is still time spent \/ with the world.\u201d\n\n\u2015 Ocean Vuong, Night Sky with Exit Wounds","will","XFNGQJCANOEPUGW"],[584,"Thank you so much, Oli. <3","Bia","XLWOQJCAN9W1JGM"],[583,"what a magical event. thank you for being so omnipresent in this hard times. your music is a magical place to be <3","Cl\u00e1udia","FGHEQJCAMNYBDIB"],[582,"we are all made out of stardust <3","Anna Valeria Okky Oktaviani","QPRTQJCAK8XCPR3"],[581,"listening is helping the world make sense. Sending peace to all in these hard times.","cerys","BNENQJCAJW2UCOD"],[580,"Hi Simba","Dad","LILMQJCAJUNOJ4G"],[579,"A beautiful creation.","Tom","QRKIQJCAJHHY21J"],[578,"Love","\u00c2ngelo Neto","Q0KFQJCAIKS4DSV"],[577,"When I press play nothing happens...","Nathan","28DKQJCAIJZWYTP"],[576,"\u00d3lafur this is a beautiful creation. I pre-ordered the album and I hope it reaches as many ears as possible. I am a film maker and I dream of creating something to this music. Maybe one day in the future when I have the right project. \n\nKeep doing what you do and we'll keep loving you for it. Peace and love to you, Arnaulds Olafusson ;) \n\nOliver.","Oliver Hegarty","EVUOQJCAHM30JSM"],[575,"..thank you for your music..:)..","Rasa Biliunaite","O57UQJCAHJYX4BE"],[574,"Loom is rad af \nThank you","Guy","I3JTQJCAH4OR2LD"],[573,"augu fyllt t\u00e1rum og hjarta fullt af von. Takk","Tinna","DRYZQJCAGYHQZCF"],[572,"Hi Olafur, \nThank you for the beautiful album and for the inspiration! Hats off to your, Sir!","Jimmy Jazz","ZQT5QJCAGC9G8JF"],[571,"Connected by sounds of Love \u2665\ufe0f","Eva Palu","XWAKQJCAFYXAMNW"],[570,"What a gift . . . Thank you QA and team!!","Scott","5APTQJCAFKWOXPR"],[569,"Can't wait for this!","TL","JQTMQJCAFJT9PHV"],[568,"\u2764\ufe0f","Tinna","MUKOQJCAF34SQDU"],[567,"You have changed my life to the better with your music! Thank you so much for yet another masterpiece and some kind og peace, in this stressful times!","Tobias Torvholm S\u00e6vik","JFFAQJCAF25DOL6"],[565,"Thank you Olafur for bringing us a new kind of peace in this crazy world- much love from Toronto!","Jo","VWJFQJCAEZG31SS"],[566,"To my star Nat\u00e9rcia from your granddaughter bom-bom <3","Helena","KDZVQJCAEZBYWJV"],[564,"some peace. thank you.","will","DGSEQJCAECRR6D0"],[563,"Does Fox will find this","Bee","LT7DQJCADWBNDI0"],[561,"..thank you for your music..:)..","Rasa Biliunaite","5SOWQJCADSHEVVK"],[562,"Be kind and peaceful, let's stay connected through these dark times, I hear you, you hear me, music is all we need!","Maggie","SXFFQJCADS5QOB7"],[560,"I love your music.\nIt's uplifting, kathartic and so introspective.\nI hope to see you live one day.\nWith love and light\nVlad","Vlad","EZQKQJCAD9X2MZE"],[559,"Thank you for the poetry and the emotions.","Tiphaine","Y8QYQJCAC8ONIRQ"],[558,"You are a miracle.","Mai Ao","68AOQJCAC5T33PA"],[557,"I hope that we can all find Some Kind of Peace during these trying times. Stay safe everyone :)","Liquorish","YRSYQJCABMIEYKB"],[556,"Thank you for doing this Oli - we need your music more than ever at the moment \ud83c\udfbc\ud83d\udc99\ud83c\udff4\udb40\udc67\udb40\udc62\udb40\udc73\udb40\udc63\udb40\udc74\udb40\udc7f","Kenny MacLennan","F45ZQJCABGMEF3K"],[555,"it didn't wok :(","zeus","A2WXQJCAALM1CYO"],[554,"Thank you","Jaro","DPKKQJCAAGASHDC"],[553,"Thank you..:)","Rasa Biliunaite","I3UUQJCAABIXACW"],[551,"Love the intro","Liam Daly","SHQOQJCA9XRPZHQ"],[552,"Enjoy your life, people <3","Peter","ZSMLQJCA9XTRK6R"],[550,"..","Hanne","SQGXQJCA9QNZFHA"],[549,"Of exquisite beauty, these sounds bring peace and joy.","\u017deljko","YNSRQJCA9L4OEPZ"],[548,"We need more peace and love around the world.","Rime","A5ASQJCA88HYY8R"],[547,"I am so greatful \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd\ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udffd","Jod\u00e9","UICRQJCA84AWNXU"],[546,"Making lockdown a little brighter, a little easier. Love from London, we miss you Olafur!","Ma\u00ebl","RKZGQJCA6HR1BGK"],[545,"some kind of peace works better","Peter","UB3SQJCA6D6W6PN"],[544,"Thank you very much","Ines Guerbaa","AX1TQJCA2OH0RHV"],[543,"I R in my hearth","VS","WGPQQJCA1YNE1O0"],[542,"This album is just a masterpiece! Back to the roots! Back to school. Back to your own courtyard. Such a gentle touch. Deep and emotional. I am breathless. Stay safe! All!","Kamil","7WQBQJCA0PYXR4L"],[541,"Earth without art is just 'e-h'.\nThank you for bringing art into our homes. Let stars shine, let people laugh and love. See you Slovakia! ;)","Bubiqa","FB5YQJCA0N3LE9N"],[540,"fai della bella musica e dei belli effetti speciali nei tuoi video","Lucas e aron","GA8UQJC9ZDJTZXQ"],[539,"Thank you for your wonderful music, and for creating some kind of a feeling of togetherness. I think we all need it more than ever at the moment. Also, thanks for being a huge inspiration! Lots of love from Germany xx","Nadine","ZSUEQJC9ZBID2XU"],[538,"thanks :)","Kevin","KDZNQJC9Z726GWT"],[537,"#somekindofpeace it\u2019s like a dream but awake \ud83d\udc99","Why_You_Sleep?","BDUCQJC9YTDKLFT"],[536,"Brasil loves You!","Pedro Ribas","RPZUQJC9YOQLRQY"],[535,"Beautifully mesmerizing.","Wander","D2OKQJC9YL6QALZ"],[534,"Thx Olafur . Because of this , we can put a lot of miserie on hold for a while . Thank you . x","Werner","0I8AQJC9X7UHQOS"],[533,"Peace","Susan","4PAOQJC9WPOTLQM"],[532,"<3","D","P1G8QJC9W6RNNBC"],[531,"Just finished some late translation work. Thanks for your music, it really helps me focus. Greetings from Seville!","Alba","DTQHQJC9VKZMYYY"],[530,"Thank you for streaming your wonderful music \ud83d\ude4f\ud83c\udf41\ud83c\udf42","D a l e","HHPIQJC9TJWXVP1"],[529,"Wonderful pieces of music again, thank you Olafur. Preordered on physical CD, no untouchable files","Hendrik S. from Germany","LY2LQJC9SM762V1"],[528,"So nice experience. With love from France, Thx \ud83d\ude4f","Jeff C.","9GRUQJC9SE7T18S"],[527,"I have decided to compose again just so that, in some distant future, I can have a talk with you about composition. Thanks for forcing me to compose again.","Juli\u00e1n Micic de Rosas","DEJHQJC9S5VYSAS"],[526,"PEACE & LOVE \n STAY SAFE\n WE ARE TOGETHER","Ysachris","2ZLQQJC9S3EG3P5"],[525,"What a nice way to be connected with each other, the stars and beautiful music in these weird times...","Els Uytterhoeven","HEUOQJC9R7JOU4O"],[524,"thanks for saving 2020","Aude","MILBQJC9PKGV6GC"],[523,"\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f","Mia","CFSQQJC9OB4Z9WZ"],[522,"thank you for this moment. peace and love and love music forever <3\n#StaySafe","Ysachris","O59CQJC9MRFUGMN"],[521,"Oli, I have been listening to you for 11 years now and I can honestly say your music has impacted my life in ways that no one can ever understand ... Keep on enriching our lives with your music and your beautiful soul <3 ...","Shay","O9XWQJC9MO0HNLO"],[520,"I love this sensation of being immersed into something bigger than yourself.","Jasmien","WOZTQJC9LVD9HJ0"],[519,"Thank you.","Michelle","EURFQJC9L3ED5A7"],[518,"Angle-headed hipsters looking for their dying fisk","Phoebe Jaspe","WIFOQJC9JJILX1O"],[517,"You bring so much joy into my life with your music! Thank you\u2764\ufe0f","Marianna","PFHEQJC9JB6L3YC"],[516,"Your music feels like food for my soul and a safe place where I can always go to. Thank you for this.","Jeanne","CJ6KQJC9J11HQMO"],[515,"people like You make life worth living. Thank You, \u00d3li! \u20393","roberta","RM87QJC9ISSUHVS"],[514,"Here's a wish for simple joys for all","begolden","6PVKQJC9I9D2MQ3"],[513,"I missed listening to the album but just reading messages from all over the world gave me such a good feeling. Thank you for this, Olafur! You create amazing experiences","Corina","U5H7QJC9H2KNYOG"],[512,"This album is absolutly georgeous! \u00d3lafur Arnalds is absolutly georgeous! And his entire masterpiece is geogeous!","Lysander Hildebrandt","NJOTQJC9G3CQSSD"],[511,"\u00deetta reddast. It will be okay. \nAnd it already is a bit better because of your music, so thank you.\n\nKeep shining everyone.","Annie","SC1UQJC9FU7CGPW"],[510,"Ohhh my goood","Alejandro","F6ANQJC9E3AR9H4"],[509,"This album captures beauty like no other. Well, maybe as beautiful as the stars.","C\u00e9line","FB3TQJC9D7XYQZR"],[508,"\u2764\ufe0f","Honsenhero","G2HLQJC9CQWDERC"],[507,"I love you!","Ana Queen","QM1AQJC9C3QXXQT"],[506,"people like You make life worth living. Thank You, \u00d3li! \u20393",".","ECUUQJC9AI5BP77"],[505,"Thank you for this much needed peacuful music. It has calming effect after a long day.","JK","TSZNQJC99XCUJJH"],[504,"I finally wish for peace in this world and holistic healing for Mother Earth and all her creatures. What a great world we could live in if every human being, regardless of his or her origin, could develop and live to his or her full potential. Thank you very much, dear Olafur for all your breathtakingly beautiful compositions. With them you connect the world in a very special way. \u2764","Indira","UJWOQJC99S8ICEA"],[503,"Thank you, this was beautiful.","Anne","KAWHQJC99DFKMXJ"],[501,"this is so beautiful","Aude","CRZPQJC99CORCMF"],[502,"This is pure magic! <3","Linn","XHCWQJC99CQNYC0"],[500,"Most beautiful music event of 2020","Silje S. O.","1JI2QJC9873VH7K"],[499,"Thank you so much for bringing some kind of peace in the middle of all this noise. \nGreetings from Cannes, south of France. Hope to see you there one day !","rudolph","0UEPQJC97PWU2U2"],[498,"I wish lockdown will be over soon so I can see him again! I hope he misses me as much as I miss him! (Thank you \u00d3lafur for the great music!)","Leyla","WUIPQJC97NXE2SP"],[497,"Hello stars above Iceland! Missing you!","Julia","ODQUQJC976P6BRA"],[496,"Stunning, magical, beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us, Olafur. Cheers from the Netherlands","Eric","U2BCQJC96I4YH3V"],[495,"Love from Poland. You bring me so much inspiration in your work and your personality as well","Mi\u0142osz","5KIVQJC92YTDH0D"],[494,"I can't here the streaming, still, thanks for your music \u00d3lafur. Your music makes me fly.","Gal\u00b7la","ATRAQJC8YLK2XET"],[493,"To peace or not to peace, there is \u00f3lafur (\u30fb\u30fb;","E","MJ4QQJC8YHTYOOG"],[492,"From darkness into light ...","Meredith","OX8EQJC8Y0XT9OO"],[491,"No sound?","Sofie","D4I8QJC8UM2SSVU"],[490,"\u2764\ufe0f","jp","9PFYQJC8UJ3PZ8J"],[489,"\ud83d\ude0c I have been listening to your music since 8 years, and it expresses just how I feel at some moments. Thank you.","Alvin","GLXAQJC8TEFTLAW"],[488,"This is great!!! - (this feels like the step that was missing between your older work and re:member)","Stan103","ZKJWQJC8SDE5TCP"],[487,"\u00d3lafur - your music truly is an embassador of peace! You are such an incredible blessing to me.","Katie","LCGMQJC8RRKULTK"],[486,"Make music great again. especially after freaking corona. Greetings from W and M to the world.","Mirjam and Willi","18SRQJC8O04ALZX"],[485,"Al mio palloncino, mi sembra di danzare con te","Cactus","BBKNQJC8MKZPNTF"],[484,"Olafur Your Music is eternal <3","Dimitri No\u00ebl","IBMDQJC8MDJD9WI"],[483,"You're wonderful, your music makes me feel alive again. This was such a bright, beautiful idea. Thank you \u00d3li.","Lucia","VOKXQJC8LCLNIQZ"],[482,"You made my evening. Thank you! \u2764\ufe0f","Lukas from Prague","L0M3QJC8KTEQX0J"],[481,"This is exactly what my soul needs right now.\nLove from Italy","N","VEVKQJC8IWSDDWX"],[480,"Thank you for your music","Beata","USZ6QJC8IQQZADT"],[479,"Sounds like Leopardi's poetry. Love it.","AVe","K7YMQJC8I4B3JTD"],[478,"Just keep breathing. Sending love and hugs to everyone who needs it. \u2764\ufe0f","Greet","S6NUQJC8I0HAMMX"],[477,"(\u30fb\u3002\u30fb;","(\u30fb.\u30fb;)","ZPPLQJC8HJF8FTZ"],[476,"Good evening Europe! Take some time to breathe and enjoy this moment. You deserve that little time of peace. \n\nGreetings from Belgium","Maud","QKK7QJC8GWF3HX1"],[475,"love and peace","thore serafino","LRKFQJC8EM5WTI5"],[474,"To everyone here: I truely hope you'll find Some Kind of Peace. You all deserve it.\nThanks to you \u00d3lafur, we'll get some through your beautiful music!\nSending love from France. Could you all be safe.","Sabine","YTPMQJC8EILZG6O"],[473,"Greeting from Croatia <3","Hana","7WEIQJC8DDDSH8N"],[472,"being together in this separated world, thank you","VJ","YDQUQJC8D0VAL6I"],[471,"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such breathtaking music, Olafur! And for those who are on this site right now: have faith in yourself and don't let others define your worth. Peace and love xoxo","Julia","VCB0QJC8CTAMB6T"],[470,"For me this is a silent cry of resistance, resistance in insisting on questions. I can only say thank you for that.","Someone in Italy","PADIQJC8AURVKQK"],[469,"Oli :) Your music is a soundtrack of my soul. Thank You!","Evi","JGAPQJC8AQVHXF0"],[468,"This is pure art! <3","Milica","V1PGQJC884ZFP5E"],[467,"peace","B","PXNNQJC876FINFX"],[466,"Wonderfull, as always... deeply thankfull for it","Jeroen","DE7ZQJC86FU7KBR"],[465,"Greetings from Singapore","KWC","WF2KQJC865XNFQG"],[464,"Thank you for all Olaf","LOUIS XIV","JQ6EQJC85SX9CY2"],[463,"This was so much needed. Thank you Olafur for taking care of our souls through your music","June","R36CQJC845C7DJF"],[462,"Amazing moment... thank you!\nAndi & Andor from Hungary","Andor","PNRPQJC82VRNHRL"],[461,"Thank you so much Sir Arnalds for your inspiring music and the time you take to share your thoughts with us.\n\nMay music and art enlighten everyone and save the planet...","Brice","XPO9QJC824KTRN0"],[460,"Hello from Slovenia. I don\u2019t hear music yet. When it is playing for us?","Mojca","UYXFQJC821MWTOT"],[459,"\u201cYou see, I want a lot.\nMaybe I want it all:\nthe darkness of each endless fall,\nthe shimmering light of each ascent.\nSo many are alive who don't seem to care.\nCasual, easy, they move in the world\nas though untouched.\nBut you take pleasure in the faces\nof those who know they thirst.\nYou cherish those\nwho grip you for survival.\nYou are not dead yet, it's not too late\nto open your depths by plunging into them\nand drink in the life\nthat reveals itself quietly there.\u201d\nby Rainer Maria Rilke\n\nThank You \u00d3li for connecting us all through your amazing music .. this is a great gift in a challenging year like this ..\nWarmest regards and hug","Mirna","V4ZJQJC81RXXMHJ"],[458,"Your music always make me wanna cry. Sometimes out of sadness, sometimes out of joy, sometimes simply because it touches me deeply. Thanks you! I love your work so so much.","Lena","C1FHQJC81QCDOB1"],[457,"\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728\u2728","Paulo Pi\u00e7arra","GW0IQJC818T3VR3"],[456,"we are here !","oxynel","7KVKQJC8160GLMM"],[455,"Your music is a trip, thank you so much \u2665","Yom from Kaph\u00e9ie","BFL5QJC80G42VVQ"],[454,"Malte Petersen, I still think about you sometimes, not that I still love you, but I want to know how you are, what you are doing now, where are you. \nHope you are well and listening to Olafur as we did in 2017:)","T","TXMCQJC7ZNPRRSA"],[453,"Thank you. I am blown away by your music. It feels like i\u2019ve been transported to another world \u2764\ufe0f This is exactly what I needed","Linglu Zhou","IWZHQJC7ZLX1JFG"],[452,"Your music has the tendency to come to me in times of insecurity, discomfort, immense joy or deep sadness. It allows me to feel. Something for which I'm grateful beyond words.","Kimberley","YAZ2QJC7ZBBILJ6"],[451,"So lovely! Listening on my beloved speakers while pressing a bear silhouette into the couch. Cheers from the Allg\u00e4u!","Oliver","FGJJQJC7Z14FNFC"],[450,"Gratulation on another MASTER Piece. It touches my heart, my soul and emotions. Through art (and science) I am feeling alive and humbled about the tiny importance we all play here. Thanks for grounding me in turbulence times. A.","Anett","YLYIQJC7YEOLRDK"],[449,"May all beings experience happiness, and the causes of happiness.\n\nMay all beings be freed from suffering, and the causes of suffering.\n\nMay all beings dwell in great happiness, free from suffering. \n\nMay all beings dwell in great eqaunimity, from from all afflictions.","Steve","HFDSQJC7YA7IGEU"],[448,"i am so fucking sad\nbut that's okay","j","EGZ6QJC7XWRE2PD"],[447,"Peace is inside us... just need to connect with yourself and find it. This music helps me a lot to find that connection with my insight. Thank you Olafur!","Anna","LWSAQJC7XPJNZD2"],[446,"Saw you live in concert twice - such incredible moments! I'm so looking forward to your new record. Your music makes me feel calm and comfortable which is so important in this fast, busy times.","Katharina","OCXOQJC7XOPQDA7"],[445,"listen to the vioce!","klaus","ITXGQJC7WOK2H79"],[444,"P\u2764\ufe0fA","Pieter","Z1RTQJC7WC8GVHJ"],[443,"Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty! Always feel existentially moved when listening.\n\nLove from Stockholm <3","Prasadacarin","RKTVQJC7W1U3Y73"],[442,"With love to the notes. With love to the music.\nPEACE\u2764\ufe0f","michael pohl","XCENQJC7W0XXZUJ"],[441,"Bad things happen, you have to accept it and move on. Resilience is the key","Elektron","W0NSQJC7V1NCK7E"],[440,"Thank you for this. And for everything. There is something totally exceptional about you and your music. I think it vibrates at the same level as my soul. Each one of your songs moves me in different ways. You give wings to our imagination. Pure inspiration \ud83d\udda4.","Tania","C9N7QJC7ULQ7LJB"],[439,"Waiting for Marek's part!","Petr","USF1QJC7TB3UKH5"],[438,"just a wonderful piece of art","anton","ZZM4QJC7RUSP0LK"],[437,"i am floating xxxx","ruonan chen","BAXJQJC7ROXRLMB"],[436,"I love listening to music","Ioana","0OVEQJC7RAOBIIV"],[435,"Hi \u00d3li! My Name is Nadir and I'm from Switzerland. I was at your concert in Zurich last year (: \n\nThank you for your music, it is breathtakingly beautiful and whenever I listen to it, and in particular to the \"Island Songs\" album, I remember my fantastic trip to Iceland in 2018, it was the best voyage I've ever had and it meant so much to me on a personal and spiritual level. I really hope that when this is all over, I will be able to hear you live again.\n\nTakk fyrir og k\u00e6r kve\u00f0ja fr\u00e1 Sviss!","Nadir","NIYRQJC7QCIVJWF"],[434,"Thank you for this sign of light in this dark times for livemusic and any kind of art","Martina","B7TFQJC7Q9MUUQ4"],[433,"Sending love and light to all <3","Monika","Y4SFQJC7Q67EUNH"],[432,"love it","VAL","4SPRQJC7PKQIQZN"],[431,"A\u2764P","Annelies","F8UHQJC7PGVWRNZ"],[430,"Elektron","Everything will be alright, I promise","HHDKQJC7OTG48MF"],[429,"love ya","Komi","UPEHQJC7OQDVXWS"],[428,"this makes my soul float","greetings from germany","0IVTQJC7O7E7LOS"],[427,"\ud83e\udd0d","Magda","9GGSQJC7O4UEXNX"],[426,"ready for the winter with these beautiful tunes","annette","RSSJQJC7O1BXUHC"],[425,"You are enough. You are loved.","Nora","MAHFQJC7O0DFVTG"],[424,"LOVELY","Shine Bright baby","XZTAQJC7NSC8I4A"],[423,"Thank you for this beautiful musical journey \ud83d\ude4f\u2665\ufe0f. Sending you and everyone here good energies!","@monikacsapo","BFFSQJC7NQ35SRE"],[422,"Greatful for this breath. Greatful for the stars. Greatful for this life. And most of all.... Whoever is reading this... I love you :)","David","ZE9HQJC7NJ0HBTW"],[421,"This is great!","Clara","8E9XQJC7N91IIVF"],[420,"All us full Of love","Johann","Y5NJQJC7N4SQ5SW"],[419,"Oli, thank you for these great moments with your music! Cheers from Zagreb, Croatia...","Ivan Kapec","DBCPQJC7N1SMKFV"],[418,"This too shall pass","\u2665\ufe0f","LOPHQJC7MS1NOHD"],[417,"Thank you!\nK\u00f6sz\u00f6n\u00f6m!","Csaba","21HVQJC7M9BSHOF"],[416,"Thank you for this lovely experience and your passion and will to share it with the whole world. My heart and soul is with you! Take care Olafur <3. Love from Slovakia","Dominika","9NFQQJC7M6OHVFD"],[415,"\u00d3lafur, I love your music so much and you are such a nice person. Thank you for this special experience. My album will arrive soon :)","Laura","QFCTQJC7M3BVGKF"],[414,"hey","Jens Kiesel","28NCQJC7LW9BR5H"],[413,": )","( :","QABBQJC7LPZ0FY5"],[412,"A ray of light in these challenging times!","Jonathan","7JOLQJC7LCESZ8W"],[411,"Best we could ask for this year","Niels","2JPOQJC7L7GC4CS"],[410,"The beginning sounds so promising \u2764\ufe0f","Erik","ZUJ9QJC7KU5PKUC"],[409,"This kind of peace i enjoyed the most","Ewelina Jak","FFKCQJC7KRMZK8Z"],[408,"peace","Kata","JICTQJC7KMNXU3A"],[407,"merci pour ce nouvel album ! peace & love to everybody :)","Ysachris","NMYXQJC7KIFYJ4M"],[405,"Thank you \u00d3li for this big kind of peace you bring to this strange times and make people more happy! Oh, and happy belated birthday! :)","Bra\u0148o","2MPMQJC7K3SGVDT"],[406,"thank you for your music Olafur, you are such a genius","amine","ZCPGQJC7K3DIZRU"],[404,"test message :D","Pawe\u0142 K","GJTBQJC7K0TY1V1"],[403,"Thank you for your music!","marta","PNVJQJC7JULLKQ4"],[402,"one day ill compose something as beautiful as this","rafeek","1ACXQJC7J1ET4OJ"],[401,"\ud83e\udd0d\ud83e\udd0d\ud83e\udd0d\ud83e\udd0d","Manon","J4LGQJC7IZPFG93"],[400,"Thank you for bringing so much beauty into the world. \u2764\ufe0f","Elise","5GQTQJC7IWB3Q45"],[399,"Best wishes to Laura, get well soon :)","Jens","UNIDQJC7IN8COKZ"],[398,"Yes, i`ve waited for that - thank you!","_M__G_","JSGBQJC7IDT3O1O"],[397,"Thanks Oli for doing this. Already enjoying it immensely 1 minute in.","Jeroen","OGBNQJC7I6UKG7W"],[396,"YOU ARE JUST AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL!","cel","NRTMQJC7HUGVIQP"],[395,"Enjoying the music that makes us human","Svenja","8FK8QJC7HRDMR1Q"],[394,"Keep in mind you are loved.","Gaetan","BKMYQJC7HAQDUVJ"],[393,"When life leaves us blind, love keeps is kind (quote from Chester Bennington). I thought this applies here as well. This album and your spirit are beautiful! <3 Much love, Raissa","Raissa","7XK1QJC7FT8J5Y4"],[392,"It\u2019s gonna be all (more than) okay! \ud83d\udc99","Veru","QKNPQJC7FF8XZH3"],[391,"I haven't listened to an album while lying on a sofa with headphones on in a while. Glad I did it now, this is such a beautiful, immersive piece of music. Love it! \ud83d\udc99","Ari","LL4TQJC7F7NGEMU"],[390,"Greetings from Dresden \ud83d\ude0a","Agnes & Andras","Z52GQJC7EWR67TT"],[389,"\u2764\ufe0f","Anders & Synne","KF5RQJC7DOOLLZE"],[388,"Love, Light and beauty to all, with deep gratitude to Olafur","Dulce","FXSKQJC7D1MTM4W"],[387,"love <3","sahlia","PWDHQJC7BY79ZYA"],[386,"This is such a great idea! Thank you Oli for making this possible, your music has helped me in so many situations.","Phil","WTQEQJC79L2E5Z1"],[385,"Can't wait for the new album ! Thank you for your Ol\u00e0fur.","Jonathan","JHYVQJC77LNORKU"],[384,"This brings me peace","Shine Bright Baby","IUYKQJC73V47AVD"],[383,"I love this","~Ravindra Gamhewage","Y9VRQJC6USMHNML"],[382,"Just what I needed tonight. Thank you.","Kata","B4G2QJC6MJGNPGV"],[381,"I hope you, who's reading my message right now, is doing well. And may you find some kind of peace in you.","Sonia","Y3ECQJC6MCKZP2G"],[380,"Merci de sublimer l'univers dans la musique. La sensibilit\u00e9 et la beaut\u00e9 du monde ne pourraient pas \u00eatre mieux c\u00e9l\u00e9br\u00e9e que par ces notes, ces sons et ces rythmes.\nMerci.","C\u00e9cile","HWZ2QJC6IAFWNLM"],[379,":-*\n<3\n(-_-)","Alexandre","NMKHQJC6I4LHXXT"],[378,"Peace is that moment when we accept love as our home.\nWe are home \ud83c\udf0e\ud83c\udf0d\ud83c\udf0f","Oleg","HRIQQJC6HCPXRJ7"],[377,"Sending protection and love to those across the world who are suffering during this pandemic. Hoping that I get through this pandemic with my masters degree and a job in this economy.","Amy C","JBNXQJC6GZXY5WS"],[376,"Like shooting stars that meet the earth, my soul is touched and my day feels lighter. \n\nA beautiful place to stay - For a little while .\n\nTy :)","Mary Abrego Priest","ZTQQQJC6E0ICLN1"],[375,"Love from Russia <3","Polina","FBSVQJC6B6CDEGP"],[374,"save conscience","Guga","XEYVQJC6AF1OQKI"],[373,"Life is meaningless. I don't know what I am doing here. What abut you?","Furkan T\u00fcrk","GTNZQJC66PDP1SE"],[372,"Greetings from Portugal.\nThank you for your music, it can shed some light over our paths in these dark times.","M\u00e1rcio Sousa","0CE1QJC65KG5TMS"],[371,"Baba nam kevalam","Matija","BRTWQJC6526YK9J"],[370,"Thank you for sharing your soul!","Azole","NELJQJC5SSWAA4P"],[369,"Who are you when noone's looking? Be you. Do you. Always. xx","seyma tekintas","LBMWQJC5KGUXAYY"],[368,"let's try to calm down together a little. you are wonderful. you are enough.","Frido","IVIIQJC5EOFR91L"],[367,"beautiful","ivan salcedo","BWLJQJC5AMDYTQJ"],[366,"kindness","Allie","4F1CQJC5AIUJJIR"],[365,"Thank to all creative minds and artists that make this world a better place!","Lavinia","4R0IQJC5A3DLCRH"],[364,"Never forget that you are loved\nAlways remember to Love another\nTogether we are one\nUnited without fail\nRemember, remember!\nEternally prevail","Noam","16PAQJC54KGPNHG"],[363,"There's such beauty in this togetherness, despite the unusual forms it may take right now. Thank you for keeping us flowing and afloat, for keeping us \"saman\".","M.","YDTSQJC5263ZXHS"],[362,"May there be peace and love throughout all creation","julius","PYIQQJC4Y7HUICW"],[361,"\"Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.\" ~ 1 Corinthians 13:8","Josh","S2FMQJC4Y36CLLH"],[360,"Love your music so much!","Fatima","QGM5QJC4TW1RQ2L"],[359,"Greetings from Finland","Jesse","FVWWQJC4TA7F18J"],[358,"This music captures the mind from the first notes. Takk Oli!","Evgen","XVJZQJC4RZXAHY2"],[357,"Hello, world!","Andreea","SSV7QJC4R6340LG"],[356,"Stars are tiny holes in the black canvas of reality...and through this holes we can see the light of eternity","Elena","IFP1QJC4QV4T2X3"],[355,"Thank you for your beautiful music! \u2728","Darina","M7PYQJC4QRYRHGZ"],[354,"Greetings from stormy Baltic seaside","Ele Nida","DF0IQJC4C02JDWC"],[353,"Oli, you've been my safe place for years. Thank you for existing! Can't wait to hopefully see you again in Poland when the world is in the better condition.","Maja","IYOYQJC4AJZMDKW"],[352,"Hello people Love from Cyprus\ud83c\udde8\ud83c\uddfe","Sharon","TFEGQJC45HD9DFG"],[351,"I send you love and peace... feel it... \ud83c\udf0e","Lika","WZI6QJC3G7FHWZY"],[350,"\u2764\ufe0f","Jorge Teixeira","QXWLQJC37BTQ6GA"],[349,"Sending love to all of you out there! Hope we all gonna find some kind of peace nowadays <3","YANA","VNMAQJC33QMRGHU"],[348,"I am with you","meundo","JDR5QJC305TGWLL"],[347,"Beauty and peace \ud83d\udc9a","Ilma","SPXLQJC2ZR6AF7N"],[346,"If you found my message & came from my YouTube video about this artist then #SomeKindOfPeace on socialmedia & let's spread the love!","OfficialProJustice","NQGLQJC2WHAGBJY"],[345,"Thank you Oli for helping sooth away my PTSD episodes with your music. It's truly healing and hope growing\ud83c\udf3b","Michelle Silv\u00e9rio","IHJLQJC2PZQ2JZL"],[344,"Thank you Oli for all that you do & for making us all feel welcome as a great family! Let's keep spreading peace everywhere we go","OfficialProJustice on YouTube","0CFYQJC2NDUWG0L"],[343,"If you found my message it wasn't by chance. You are beautifully & wonderfully made \u2764 May God bless you abundantly and keep you safe \ud83d\ude4f You mean the world to us.","Michelle Silv\u00e9rio (OfficialProJustice on YouTube)","FNZGQJC2K5CYJI7"],[342,"Hi Olafur and everyone! \nMy name is Denis, i'm a composer and a drummer from Moscow, Russia. \nOlafur, thank u very much for this event! I think, this is a great idea! 2020 is a fucking mess, and events such as yours can give people some warmness and kindness. \nPeople, i wish u love, harmony and peace.","Denis Lipatov","H3VMQJC2JYU3IDR"],[341,"doubt that the stars are fire","veronica","1RCUQJC2IF71WYX"],[340,"My wish is that we may all come together in unity for the things we share in each other. Let music and hope be the start of that path.","Tima","ZNJKQJC2H4AVQVX"],[339,"Thank you for capturing what peace, healing and beauty sounds like.","Sech","IQ5BQJC2FDOPQGY"],[338,"<3","Olga","A89KQJC2D5DSALT"],[337,"Love you and your music forever mate.","Erfan Abedi","HAI8QJC2BRVPTZ6"],[336,"dream scape music!!! it's amazing!","phillip","FX6JQJC27IRCFGP"],[335,"Some kind of God gave us some kind of Angel to give us some kind of peace through some kind of beautiful harmonies...","Adam","28SSQJC252JZOWE"],[334,"Spread your passion and love your way.\nOlafur does via the music.","musician","MWUTQJC24ZBO4QV"],[333,"Hi","Tarik Koray","SUIOQJC24THELWE"],[332,"i have a dream to be just like you, Oli. I am so moved by the incredible voice your music gives me. it is my lifes blood. 3055 is the soundtrack to my soul...thank you! thank you! thank you!","josh revis","GXZCQJC24QB9EEF"],[331,"Love is the bridge you receive when you're heart is kind.","Devan Suresh","UIFHQJC235UOXPM"],[330,"hi! let beauty know no end","olga shumeiko","MTL3QJC222OMGXN"],[329,"you are amazing, thanks for your soul and art. \nlove from Honduras","nohely","HU9LQJC20TYMZW9"],[328,"Take care of yourself, will you? \ud83d\udc9b","Veru","TC7TQJC1ZVLVMIN"],[327,"Your music goes way beyond the concept itself of music... the true emotions, converted into vibrations that travel the eternity.","Rod Torres","683MQJC1XF1WWFH"],[326,"love from Kuwait","yasser","SC43QJC1X61WPSM"],[325,"Love from France,\n\nAlexis.","Alexis D","3PJTQJC1X0TOW2Z"],[324,"Be kind... ...that's all it is!","Francesco","YAQXQJC1WB5WWL4"],[323,"Thanks for the Music, food for the soul.","Naiyeel","W2HAQJC1U2ZTCIF"],[322,"I hope you're loved as you deserve, <3","Leila","FUZUQJC1RLFQJSC"],[321,"Despite all the turmoil going on in the world, there is still a lot of wonderful things and people that keep me going. Thank you all very much.","Sariah","JP3OQJC1Q6JQBLU"],[320,"United we stand, divided we fall. Choose love. Blessings.","NesrineA","CGTZQJC1ORMFHXA"],[319,"One sky, many stars. \nConnected and adrift. Thank you for sharing your world, it's a beautiful view.","Violet P.","XVEWQJC1OP4JQDG"],[318,"make this one aspect of your concious and honor only oneeee To help Kurds Have their independant lives Let us Just live Nothin Moreeeee!!!please live Kurds Alone we are Dying","Mahabad","RTZSQJC1NO3RPUT"],[317,"Thank you \u00d3li for you music, full of love and peace. Your music is like pure joy to my soul. \nTake care, everyone take care <3","Leila","I0BDQJC1MMDLOQ8"],[316,"everything will be ok <3","tobias","HNZGQJC1LL3HCTR"],[315,"We are all love","Aaj","NK9SQJC1KQFD29C"]]}